Procurement Specialist in Slovenia

Magnif Ltd. can be your reliable procurement partner in Slovenia.

SERVICES (on your behalf):

Check existing or potential business partner / supplier / buyer from Slovenia
Check and (re)negotiate commercial terms of your (potential) Slovenian partners
Check Slovenian market on your business area
Conclude an important contract or agreement with Slovenian entity
Lead negotiations on your behalf or only support you at negotiations with your Slovenian partner
Assist in the preparation of contracts etc….



We will work closely with your Manager Team. We can help you check Slovenian market more smoothly and in addition to meeting your objectives you will save time, travel and resources. 

Please contact us or send us your request. We will answer on your request within 2 business days.




We respect our client's privacy and keep information private and secure.

We enjoy a natural advantage (language barriers among others) for enforcing policies.  


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