Administrative Support for Foreign Entities in Slovenia


Looking to local support in order to overcome administrative formalities in Slovenia? Local support in Slovenia definitely represents added value to foreign entity carrying out obligatory administrative formalities (procedures). As your local support we coordinate the process, consult and assist in the completion of application forms as well as organize deliveries to the relevant authorities and do all of the document collections for you. We can carry out activities on your behalf upon your authorization (Power of Attorney). We make a special effort to ensure that our clients are exposed to as few inconveniences as possible while complying with these obligatory procedures in Slovenia. 


Legal Services:
Power Of Attorney (Authorization to act in your name)
Notary Services
Official Court Translation services
Accompanied visit to relevant local authorities in Slovenia
Obtaining a Tax Number


Work, Employment & Relocation Support:
Work Permit for Slovenia (Issuance and Extension)
Residence Permit for Slovenia (Issuance and Extension)
Letter of Guarantee for a Visit (Invitation Letter)
Visas for Slovenia
Registration of Work
Registration of Residence


Other Administrative Support:
Social security registration
Health Insurance (Compulsory & Voluntary)
Translation services
Recording of expiry and other important dates 


With our support, knowledge and business connections you will save time, money and frustration.

Contact us or send us your request. We will answer on your request within 2 business days.

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